this world is cruel.

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this world is cruel. Empty this world is cruel.

Post  diana.chng on 3/12/2010, 03:55

alright everyone. to tell u the truth. its so hard to be a good person. n especially to be a quiet person. when u speak too much, ppl talk abt u behind. when speak too little, ppl talk abt u in front. tell me. shud i just be deaf?
this is the worst thg that has happened in my life. the worst place that i have stepped foot in. the ugliest faces that i have seen. for those who do not believe in me after knowing me for so long, im really dispointed. this is me. when im true to u, its true. i never wan to fake thgs. bt many ppl prefers to believe somebody with power, with reputation. i cant help it. this is my fate. my fate that i shud face all dis ppl. how ugly it is. hw hurt i am. hw hurt that whenit hurts me to make the decision, n i have to bear with all the pain. and still be considered bad and useless. so hurting some ppl's words. so hurting. i need help.even if im from hell. i deserve a chance. don't i? don't i? don't i?

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this world is cruel. Empty Re: this world is cruel.

Post  issactay on 3/12/2010, 17:26

u deserve a chance.everyone who make mistake oso will hav a chance to 'gai guo'.y dont u?u make mistake?ya.maybe u do.make wrong decision to stay there.but dun feel bad with urself.u pay wat u pay need fell guilty.just be u hav chance to own a better life.must treasure it!!!gambate!!!i'll support u.i'll side u!!!

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