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this is terrible. Empty this is terrible.

Post  diana.chng on 3/12/2010, 03:48

no more sorry. no more sorry to myself. or sorry to any other person. to some ppl, im brainless. bt i did used my brain u noe.maybe im selfish. bt im nt getting wat im supposed to get. hate me. alright. trying to ruin my future. alright. thanx. thank you for letting me go. this is going to be the end of our relationship. after this. i wont mind ppl saying me bagai kacang lupakan kulit. I am happy to complete my undergrad studies in UPM. but thats all. its shit for postgrad studies. im nearly doomed over there. n so, i made my decision. i dowan to be selfish. i noe im unable to accomplish wat i shud there, so i quit. n quitting gives me no benefit at all. i wasted all my time. n i have to give bac the thgs i earned with sweat n tears. n yet, i am nt forgiven. do u thk im trying to lie? do u thk im trying to con u??? idiot. shit is in your head. only shit n thats y u r nt married. i tell u, meeting u n choosing u as my supervisor is as unlucky as u took me as your student. you might see me as shit, but i tell u. i do have sumthg in me. sumthg that u failed to appreciate. even if im unable to continue my studies anymore. i wont feel like im a shit. coz ur the one who is a complete piece of shit. its ok. just side her. everyone just side her. side the shit. but i will not be as stupid as i am 1 year ago. taking other ppl opinion on me as a standard of my charachter. i noe wat im doing. n all i noe is, i wil never do sumthg to harm ppl or to hurt ppl. im doing sumthg that hurts myself, n yet you hate me. n never wanted to help me. n then u wan to doom me. alright. its your choice. n u r shit in my dictionary.

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Post  issactay on 3/12/2010, 17:10

ya.for those who dunno appreciate ppl n so small gas de,no need feel tat u r a shit.they r shit.they r no brain de need feel tat u r wrong or sorry to them.wat u did for now they oso never ask u bout tat.they now just know blame others.hate them.jilaka.damn shit de shit.just let it now on,u r who u need feel sorry bcos of quiting anymore.u pay for ur decision n tat's all.nop need feel bad anymore.since ppl oso never will appreciate u while u r feeling bad here.they just know u quit n made her ashame.bull shit all.just be urself.just have ur own life.just enjoy ur own life.n 1 thing for sure,quiting there doesnt means tat u r nothing.u left nothing.u sure can live better.i'm sure!!!!

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