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Halo,everyone!!! Empty Halo,everyone!!!

Post  issactay on 2/26/2010, 08:54

wah.....almost 1 year liao tis forum.hihi,how everyone?
pls be more active herelah.very pity cheanyeah n diana made tis forum.
jom everyone.make tis forum active again.here can scold ur boss or person u hate freely.
facebook cannot like tat.
marilah aktifkan forum ini!!!!

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Halo,everyone!!! Empty lets activate it~haha.^^

Post  ~SHIgella.Bee~ on 3/21/2010, 14:49

hahaha...okok..lets active it la~but oso need topic de neh~~u need to give out many topic lo~hahaha..^^

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