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Diana Ch'ng

Post  diana.chng on 2/26/2010, 08:28

Hello everyone.... really long time no see oh... besides Tay Tan Chow, I really never met all coursemates for long time liao.....how is everyone???? me hor. haiz. stil as gloomy as ever. anyway i am going to gt my driving license soon. kira 1 big thg for me la. hahaha...

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Post  issactay on 2/26/2010, 08:59

congratulation for the driving test!!!
life will getting better n better soon.dun so sien n give up easily!!!the driving test is the starting of all fortune!!!
cheer up!!! Very Happy

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Post  kilgor on 2/26/2010, 13:43

Too bad you can't afford petrol with RM25 per day income... XD

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Great kick start !!

Post  ConieT on 2/26/2010, 14:53

Wei Kilgor... jangan potong steam la...
Anyway, Congrats Diana Wink
Haha.. happy for you Very Happy

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Re: Diana Ch'ng

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