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Post  chongseng on 4/9/2009, 06:17

who didn't study about autoimmune diseases yet? then, how u score in your immunology subject??
Go online and search yourself first before commenting on this forum... study

Most of the human (>90%, I think) thanks to our natural perfect immune system that protect us from other infectious agents. They act against something which is non-self and try destroy it ASAP. Keeping our body as virgin as possible. That's why we cannot simply receive blood donation by others even we are the same species.

Our immune system use the antigen as their target for recognization. They can recognize self and non-self antigen accurately (but not 100% accurate for minority).

Why not 100% accurate?

What is happening to the minority? Their own immune system become crazy!! attacking their own host cells! by targeting their own native antigen as foreigner!

They are becoming rebels! they violate the natural rules that they should protect their host!

Autoimmune diseases are one of the most critical diseases that usually causing death to the patient. No medicine yet that can completely cure! Now they are using inhibitors.. but will deteriorate the patient's health.. bad idea!

Except the bone marrow and also other organs that related to immune cells synthesis of the patient can be replaced by healthy one.

Of course is not the bone marrow problem only, there are many unknown factors indeed. If yes, many autoimmune disease patients can be discharged home after bone marrow transplantation.

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Post  kilgor on 4/9/2009, 10:50

Autoimmune diseases are due to immune cells mutation oh. Hard to reverse mutation lo. Unless can destroy all mutated cells, replace with normal immune cells, while protect the human patient from any contaminating agent during the transition period. How to replace leh? Example is bone marrow lo... But not so easy find donor de. Guess this is why ppl have been doing stem cells (1 of the benefit). Stock stem cell before disease. If kena disease use self stem cell stock to save sendiri. I guess shukie have some experience at this? Mind sharing shukie?
Actually i got another crazy idea which is kind of impossible lah. Create a super immune cell that target all alien antigens... Wahaha..! Sorry, i'm dreaming...

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Post  shukie on 4/9/2009, 14:08

Hehe. Paiseh la. Me not in "in" autoimmune or immunology de..I'm studying on cancer stuffs (like you mentioned bcl2 protein and all but mine's not bcl2 also. Mine's on mTOR). But not an expert so don't want to give ajaran sesat yet Wink I'm learning cell culture again so my knowledge on cell culture has slightly increased by 0.1% hehe..

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