Nosocomial infection!

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Nosocomial infection! Empty Nosocomial infection!

Post  chongseng on 4/6/2009, 09:31

feel sad............ when the patients died after received therapy in hospital.

Recently, most of the patients died in hospital were caused by hospital-acquired pathogen instead of ineffective therapy. They were partially recovered from the underlying disease but the 'hospitalized' pathogens try to KILL them when they are in weak after received therapy. "They are not REAL MAN ( coz they are bacteria ^.^!) they attack ppl in dark and when ppl are weak."

For example taken from newspaper, someone died within 48 hrs after received operation due to bacterial infection.
That's why the doctors said the 48hrs after surgery is the critical point. Because they also afraid of unknown bacterial infections. The condition of the patient is relied on that 48hrs. so pity..
Hopefully the patient will be ok within that 48hrs. If not, doctors just can said sorry.......

Nosocomial pathogens are difficult to be eradicated due to long time exposure to the antibiotics. "U try to imaging the conditions in hospital."
Thus, the emergence of multi drug resistant pathogens will become numerous and infect human easily. Moreover, they may contribute to an outbreak!

The misuse of antibiotics and emergence of those "not REAL MAN" are really headache to health-care workers and endanger our normal human.


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Nosocomial infection! Empty Well then...

Post  kilgor on 4/6/2009, 10:39

Crush them!! You have my support!!!
But isn't it because Malaysia hospital no disinfect equipments and tools properly the main cause of this phenomenon?

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Nosocomial infection! Empty is a worldwide problem

Post  chongseng on 4/6/2009, 11:35

This event is worldwide problem instead of in M'sia only. Mortality rate for nosocomial infection is high which is similar to other developed countries too. Usually they colonize on the fluid / invasive medical devices which were sterile but perhaps being contaminated on the way to the surgical room. The health-care workers are not microbiologist ma! so they don't know what is aseptic technique...hehe lol

Fortunately, i didn't infected during my small operation last year. hehe.. lol!

Most of the infection happened in ICU; not the normal surgical room.

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Nosocomial infection! Empty Fortunately...

Post  kilgor on 4/6/2009, 13:47

You survived... Haha! That's scary man... No big problem don't go hospital lo... Haha!

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Nosocomial infection! Empty Immunized!

Post  chongseng on 4/6/2009, 14:17

"U all are immunized due to long term exposure to the microbes..." said by Hussein.

Still remembered? This is one of the advantages of microbiologist! h@h@!
dunno is real or not...hehe

However, I still need to go to hospitals for samples collection.. perhaps 2 weeks once.. hehe

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Nosocomial infection! Empty Tipu de lah...

Post  kilgor on 4/6/2009, 14:21

We do labwork so careful... aseptic... No antigen get close enough to immunize us lah... Haha!

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Nosocomial infection! Empty Re: Nosocomial infection!

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